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27 January 2012 @ 03:12 am
C.N Blue Discography  

CNBLUE – Where You Are
Release Date: 2012.02.01
Language: Japanese
Track List:
01 Where You Are
02 Get Away
03 feeling
04 Where You Are (Instrumental)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
In My Head

Released Date: 2011.10.19
Language: Japanese

01 In My Head
02 MR.KIA (Know it All)
03 Rain is Blessing
04 In My Head (Instrumental)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)

Release Date : 2011.09.01
Genre: Pop
Language: Japanese

01 The Way part2~Ready N Go~
02 The Way part1~one time~
03 Man in front of the Mirror
04 Try Again, Smile Again
05 Lie
06 The Way part3~eclipse~
07 Illusion
08 Don’t say good bye
09 I don’t know why
10 Coward
11 kimio

Heartstrigs OST Specail
Release Date: 10.08.2011
Language: Korean

01. 모르나 봐(Don't Know) – M시그널(M Signal)
02. 그래 웃어봐(So Try to Smile) – M시그널(M Signal) [IMG]
03. 친구로만 알았는데(Not Just Friends) – 오원빈(Oh Won Bin)
40. 꼭은 아니더라도(Even If It's Not Necessary) – F.T Island
05. 그리워서…(Because I Missed You…) (Band Ver.) – 정용화(Jung Yong Hwa)
06. 모르나 봐(Don't Know) (Inst.)
07. 그래 웃어봐(So Try to Smile) (Fusion Ver.)
08. The Battle Of Life
09. 비제를 위하여
10. 슬픈 사생결단

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue) 
Heartstrings OST Part 3

Release Date: 13.07.2011
Language: Korean

01. 그리워서… – C.N.Blue
02. 넌 내게 반했어 (inst.)
03. 그리워서… (inst.)
04. 싸울 준비 되었나요
05. 어떻게 하면 좋을까요
06. 그대를 만나러 갑니다
07. 그리워서… (Guitar ver.)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue) - Kang Minkyuk
You've Fallen For Me OST Part 2
Release Date: 2011.07.06

Language: Korean

01 별

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
Heartstrings OST Part 1(full)
Release Date : 2011.06.29
Language : Korean

01 넌 내게 반했어 – Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue)

02. 그리워서…
03. 사랑하게 되는 날 – Park Shin Hye
04. 별
05. 넌 내게 반했어 (Inst)
06. 그리워서… (Inst)
07. 싸울 준비 되었나요
08. 어떻게 하면 좋을까요
09. 그대를 만나러 갑니다.
10. 그리워서… (Guitar ver.) 

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
First Step+1: Thank You

Release Date: 26 Apr 2011
Language: Korean

01 Love Girl
02 Try Again, Smile Again
03 Don't Say Good Bye
04 그래요

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
First Step

Release Date: 21 Mar 2011
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 192kbps + 320kbps

01 직감
02 Love Girl
03 상상 (Imagine) 
04 I Don't Know Why 
05 사랑은 비를 타고 
06 Lie
07 One Time 
08 Just Please 
09 Wanna Be Like U 
10 Ready N Go 
11 고마워요
12 One Of A Kind (Bonus Track)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue) - Jung Yong Hwa
사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (Banmal Song)

Release Date : 2011.01.14
Language : Korean

01 처음 사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (반말송)
02 처음 사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (반말송) (Inst.)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)

Release Date : 2011.01.09
Language : Japanese,English

01 Ty Again, Smile Again
02 Don’t say goodbye
03 kimio
04 Try Again, Smile Again (Inst.)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
High Fly (Acoustic OST)

Release Date : 2010.10.07

01.High Fly 
02.High Fly (Instrumental) 

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
I don't know why

Release date: 2010.09.16

01.I Don't Know Why 
03.I Don't Know Why (Instrumental) 
04.Lie (Instrumental)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
The Way

Release date: 2010.06.23
Language: Japanese

01 The Way -One Time-
02 The Way part 2 -Ready N Go-
03 The Way part 3 -eclipse-
04 The Way -One Time- (Inst.)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
Blue Love Single

Release Date: 2010.05.10
Genre: Rock / Ballad
Language: Korean
Bitrate: 320k

01 사랑 빛

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
Blue Love

Release Date: 2010.05.19
Language: Korean

01. LOVE
02. Sweet Holiday
03. Black flower
05. 사랑 빛
06. Let's Go Crazy

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)

Release Date: 2010.03.20
Language: Japanese

01 Intro
02 Let's Go Crazy
03 Love Revolution
04 Wanna be Like U
05 Never too late
06 Now or Never
07 Voice
08 Just Please
09 Y, Why…
10 Teardrops in the Rain
11 One of a kind
12 a.ri.ga.tou.

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)

Release Date: 14.01.2010
Language : Korean

Tracklist :
01. I’m a Loner (외톨이야)
02. Love Revolution
03. Y, Why…
04. Now or never
05. I Will…Forget You… (그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다…)

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)

Release  Date : 2009.11.25
Language: Japanese

1. voice
2. Wanna Be Like U
3. Never too late
4. Y, Why . . .
5. One of a kind

씨앤블루 (C.N.Blue)
Now or Never

Release date: 2009.08.19
Language: Japanese

01 ナウ・オア・ネバー (Now Or Never)
02 レッツ・ゴー・クレイジー (Let's Go Crazy)
03 ラブ・レボリューション (Love Revolution)
04 ジャスト・プリーズ (Just Please)
05 ティアドロップス・イン・ザ・レイン (Teardrops in The Rain)

to be continued...

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wanyii.livejournal.com: cnblue <!laughwanyii on January 30th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
taking many, and thank you! ヽ(・∀・)ノ
whitekumihowhitekumiho on January 30th, 2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
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whitekumiho: G-Dwhitekumiho on February 27th, 2012 08:55 am (UTC)
you're welcome!
anyuta_oresama: Jung Yong Hwaanyuta_oresama on February 26th, 2012 11:51 pm (UTC)
Dear God, I don't know where were my eyes/ears before, but... now I love them so much!!! (♡_♡) I can't listen to anyone but them! (☆。☆)

Dear whitekumiho, thanks to you I discovered them for myself. Thank you so much for that!! ☆-( ^-゚)v
P.S. Please, check the links to all OSTs... Some of them are the same, I couldn't download them all... (TωT)

whitekumihowhitekumiho on February 27th, 2012 08:54 am (UTC)
I'n very glad you like them because CN.Blue is one of the bands I like the most)
BTW - pls tell me what link doesn't work - I check all and they seems to be ok.
릭셩 사랑: orangefaricsyung on August 5th, 2012 02:14 pm (UTC)
thanks a lot for all these! ^^

just letting you know that the link to [Re-Maintenance] is pointing to [BanMal Song]. ;)
Maysoulrevue on August 27th, 2012 10:03 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for this! i've been looking for a discography with working links for hours, and i found yours ;A; thank you very very much!!
Erica Hsujicachan on September 2nd, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
Chunmusingschunmusings on January 8th, 2013 06:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^^~
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